Women commuters do not feel Railways have been able to make their journey any different from what it had been.

The Soumya murder case last year and incidents of harassment of women on trains have highlighted the need to provide security for women on trains.

Lissamma Joy, who has been travelling regularly on the Kottayam- Ernakulam route for the last 22 years, says even though police personnel are seen now and then, it is most likely that help may not be prompt enough if something happens.

Shahida Shanawaz, who travels from Ettumannur to Kottayam daily, said Railways had not improved patrolling on passenger trains even after incidents that had shocked the conscience of society.

Ms. Joy said those serving tea tried to take advantage of crowded ladies compartments. After the Soumya murder case, putting the ladies compartment at the end of the train had aroused many opinions, but women commuters have strong views .

While Girija S., who has been travelling regularly for the last 32 years from Kottayam, said a compartment in the middle was safe as any untoward incident would bring in support from other passengers .

However, Ms. Joy opined that many people did get into the compartment rather unnecessarily. She said a male police personnel should guard the ladies compartment as any anti-social element would be better handled by men, she said.