The Kerala High Court Registrar General on Monday told the court that Malayalam language could be used in the proceedings in the High Court if the Governor, with the consent of the President, authorised it to use the language.

This submission was made in an affidavit filed by Registrar General Kemal Pasha in response to a writ petition filed by the Malayalam writer M.N. Karassery seeking to make Malayalam a language of the court proceedings.

The Registrar General pointed out that the Article 348 (1) A of the Constitution mandated that till Parliament by law specifically provided for a particular language, proceedings in the Supreme Court and High Courts shall be in English.

He submitted that a committee headed by Justice K.K. Narendran in its report filed in March 24, 1987, had made several recommendations for making Malayalam the official language of courts. The committee had pointed out several prerequisites.


The status of MalayalamOctober 4, 2012