His tools are simple. Tweezers, painting brush, adhesive, crochet threads in various hues, and loads of perseverance.

Here is one art which will leave you dumbfounded for the hours and hours of patient work the artist has put in. He calls it thread art, a ‘fine’ art he has conceived, and claims that till date he hasn’t found a parallel for this anywhere in the world.

Rajiv N.P., founder of ‘Jivs thread art,’ has put up in an exhibition his art work of more than two decades. Unlike many other art work, his work needs to be closely examined to appreciate the skill and endurance of the artist to the fullest.

A photographer by profession, Mr. Rajiv tried forming an outline for pictures with threads in the initial days of his work. A combination of thread work and pencil drawing was attempted next, which gradually matured into full pictures with coloured threads. His art is unique in that the threads are not knitted or stitched, but painstakingly glued to the art paper with much precision. A wrong shade or a misplaced thread can damage the whole picture. The artist spends days and months to finish a work the size of a normal sized painting.

Mr. Rajiv has replicated many great work of art in thread art. Hamsa Damayanti and Fruit Lady of Raja Ravi Varma are among them. The most recent and largest work is a replication of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, and his years of experience is evident in the work. The artist has put much effort to perfect his craft, which are evident in the leopard spots and sheep wool in some of his work. Minute pieces of thread once placed are pricked with tweezers giving them the intended texture and form, Mr. Rajiv explains.

The artist does not miss even the finest detail. Faultless are the creases in the sarees of Damayanti and the fruit lady, and the multi hues are in perfect sync.

He has exhibited his work earlier in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The exhibition being held at the chamber hall will conclude on Saturday.