Kottayam municipality promoting waste treatment at source

Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has said that the State government would arrive at a permanent solution to issue of the dumping yard at Vadavathur only after discussions with stakeholders.

Mr. Radhakrishnan said the government would not adopt any decision in haste without holding talks with leaders of the local bodies as well as the Vadavathur Action Council and local residents. Suggestions in this regard will also be seriously considered by the government, he said.

He elaborated on the various proposals that have come up before the authorities in resolving the problem. “The dumping yard comes under the limits of the Kottayam municipality. Efforts must be made at the earliest to ensure that the existing situation is not worsened.

At the same time, garbage should not be disposed at any area outside the municipal limit.

To promote source-level waste processing, the municipality has commenced the distribution of necessary equipments to nearly 7,000 applicants who evinced interest in the project.

A huge pile of garbage has accumulated in the Vadavathur dumping yard during a period of nearly 35 years. As the garbage remains exposed, it tends to mix with the flowing water during the monsoon. The resulting leachate pollutes the neighbourhood.

“In this regard, a proposal has been received to establish a scientific mechanism to prevent further creation of leachate to ensure that the public are not subjected to any inconvenience,” he said.

Among other proposals is one to construct a drainage along the side of the dumping yard in order to carry the leachate to a treatment plant for processing.

The fourth proposal concerns the relocation of the dumping yard to a different place under a proviso that a suitable locality can be identified.

The District Collector has been entrusted with the responsibility of studying the possibility of identifying another locality that suits the requirements, he said.

  • Nearly 7,000 applicants for source-level garbage processing scheme

  • Collector to study possibility of relocating plant