District Collector M.C. Mohandas has assured prospective evictees for the Karipur airport that they will not have to leave their land until sufficient alternatives are provided for their rehabilitation.

Several hectares of land from 242 holders is to be acquired for the expansion of the Calicut international airport at Karipur. Mr. Mohandas gave the assurance of decent rehabilitation at a discussion held with the landholders here on Thursday.

He said the government would acquire 20 acres of land in addition to the land required for airport development. ‘‘It will be used for rehabilitation,” he said.

Twenty-six landholders from Pallikkal village attended the meeting. The landholders are being called for discussion in batches.

‘‘We will carefully listen to the problems and worries of all people facing eviction for the expansion of the airport,'' he said. Mr. Mohandas told them that they would not have to leave their land until facilities such as water, road, and power were provided in the alternative land being procured for rehabilitation. The people have been demanding that densely populated pockets be spared and a strip of barren land possessed by a private college be acquired instead. Mr. Mohandas said he would visit the site soon to study the demands raised by the landholders.