The presence of numerous associations has fragmented the Malayalam film industry as no collective effort has been made so far to solve the present crisis, filmmaker Jayaraj has said.

Speaking at a meet-the-press organised by the Thiruvananthapuram Press Club here on Thursday in connection with the release of his latest film, Nayika , he said each association was fighting separately to solve their own issues in an industry that required combined efforts from all concerned to make progress.

He said though his film had received censor certificate in August, it was unnecessarily delayed because of “ego clash among the associations.”

The Kerala Film Exhibitors' Federation had permitted the release of the film in 72 theatres.

However, only 52 theatres had agreed to screen the film. “The film was previously delayed due to the release of other-language films in the theatres .When a Sunday was proposed by them, we had to disagree because it would bring huge loss to the producer,” he said.

Veteran actor Sharada, who plays a major role in the film, said films were related to art and not to strikes.

“In the 52 years of my acting career, I have never seen such a situation where a film is affected by some strikes,” she said.

“What many a protestor forgets is that the lives of those associated with this industry are affected by the strike directly or indirectly,” she added.

The film depicts the life of a yesteryear heroine of Malayalam cinema and her sudden and mysterious disappearance from the movie scene. According to Jayaraj, the film is a tribute to the actresses of yore.