The District Collector has asked the National Highways Authority of India ((NHAI) to take immediate steps to avoid the threat posed by a few potholes on National Highway 47 in front of the Gold Souk Mall.

This is in view of a list handed over to the Collector by the SB-CID of Kerala police pointing out the potholes, which they have categorised as serious and threatening. The Collector has handed over the list to NHAI.

The NHAI officials said the potholes could be filled effectively only after the rainy season was over.

They said the potholes were filled using tar a couple of times but it got washed away in the rain.

The potholes present a nightmare to unsuspecting motorists as they are deeper than it appears and as such the impact on the vehicle slipping into them is more than expected.

That these potholes are on a relatively flat stretch of the Highway makes it even more dangerous since the motorists would have slightly let their guard down after wading through the treacherous Vytilla-Adoor stretch.