Nitta Gelatin India Limited (NGIL) claims to have implemented some of the directives issued by the State government on the basis of recommendations by an expert committee.

The NGIL produces ossein and limed ossein, intermediaries in gelatin manufacture. Ossein gelatin is derived from de-greased, hard animal bones that are washed and then leached with dilute hydrochloric acid.

The Nitta Gelatin India Limited Action Council has been agitating for long against alleged disposal of untreated effluents from NGIL into the Chalakudy river.

The company has acted on 14 of the total number of directives issued by the government. Another directive has to be executed by the Irrigation Department. Yet another could not be implemented following an injunction issued by the Chalakudy Munsiff Court, G. Suseelan, managing director, NGIL, told reporters.

He said that the Chief Minister’s Office, Kerala State Pollution Control Board and the expert committee were being apprised of the progress in implementing the directives.

Two additional secondary bag filters have been installed in the Di Calcium Phosphate plant. Two driers have been installed for drying the sludge generated. The dried sludge, a manure, is being sold as a branded product named, Nutrisoil. Efforts are being taken to prevent odour emanating from the area where bones are crushed. This area has been fully covered. A bio-filter has been installed in the plant using technology and design evolved at the National Institute of Inter Disciplinary Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram, he said. The NGIL claimed to have established a green belt in association with Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI). In the first phase of a three-year project, the NGIL planted 2,500 trees on its premises.

The NGIL plans to install an online ambient air monitoring system. A public display system installed at NGIL shows the pH of water discharged into the river. A flow meter for continuous monitoring of water intake from the river has also been installed. A pollution monitoring committee including local body members, trade union representatives and officials of the Health Department has been formed. Its first meeting, chaired by B.D. Devassy, MLA, was held on February 27, 2012. Members of the Action Council, and president and vice-president of the Kadukutty panchayat boycotted the meeting, he said.