‘Hamlet', the most touching and philosophic of William Shakespeare's tragedies, has been adapted into a Malayalam movie for the first time.

The story of the Prince of Denmark, stung by “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” is retold in the film ‘Karmayogi', set for release next month.

The film, directed by V.K. Prakash, has all the characters and situations of the Shakespearean play, though narrated in the backdrop of life in Malabar.

The film focuses on the core themes of the Shakespearean tragedy such as indecision, revenge, deception, ambition, and loyalty revolving round the hero Rudran, a Kalaripayattu exponent.

“The film explores the story through the ‘Yogi' community, known for their martial art talents, in north Kerala. Indrajith plays Rudran, the embodiment of Prince Hamlet. The actor says Rudran will become a milestone in his career. — PTI