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Provision of Rs.1.75 crore in municipal budget

Lorry stand planned at Manjakulam

Land to be acquired for Municipal Stadium expansion

PALAKKAD: The budget for 2008-09 presented by Chairman of the Finance Standing Committee of Palakkad Municipality M. Kajahussain on Wednesday shows a surplus of Rs.3.61 crore. It has an estimated earning of Rs.62,61,12,799 and an expenditure of Rs.58,99,44,490 for the year 2008-09.

One of the major projects to be taken up by the municipality is the construction of a lorry stand at Manjakulam in the Big Bazaar area of the town. The land chosen for it was released to its owners by the municipality unleashing a major controversy.

Aid from HUDCO

Now, the municipality has decided to acquire this land for the lorry stand. It would seek a financial assistance of Rs.4 crore from HUDCO to build the stand, Mr. Kajahussain said.

The municipality has plans to launch a Rs.1.75 crore comprehensive drinking water supply scheme this year. It has allotted Rs.10 lakh for the construction of bus bay at Melamuri and Olavakkode junctions.

Shopping complex

It will acquire 23 cents of land for the expansion of Municipal Stadium. An amount of Rs.1 crore was allotted for the construction of stadium shopping complex at the Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium.

For Kalvakulam shopping complex, Rs.60 lakh was allotted, while Rs.80 lakh was set aside for the construction of comfort station-cum-dormitory at Olavakkode.

Footpath and lamps

An amount of Rs.20 lakh will be spent for construction of footpath at G.B. Road-Municipal Bus stand, Stadium stand-Sultanpet etc.

Burial grounds

An amount of Rs.12 lakh is allotted for the maintenance of Municipal burial grounds and Rs.10 lakh goes to installing of 250 sodium vapour lamps in the municipality.