District Collector P.I. Sheikh Pareed said that a plot of land will be identified for a new waste treatment plant to find a permanent solution to the issue of waste management in Eloor municipality.

The main hurdle in resolving the problem is the shortage of land suitable for the plant.

Till the new land is identified, waste will be deposited at the existing plant without causing hardships to the people. Mr. Pareed ordered that dumping should be limited to a day in a week.

Treatment process will be closely monitored till after Onam.

Waste will be dumped only on holidays. The Collector said that specially assigned people will be deployed to monitor the dumping process.

Action council members demanded shifting of the dumping yard to a relatively less populated area and the treatment of waste in points of generation itself.

Eloor municipal chairperson Lisy George said that the municipality in association with the Sanitation Mission has given shape to projects worth Rs. 75 lakh for waste treatment.

Biogas plants and vermin compost will be distributed at subsidized rates through associations on demand.

Biodegradable waste

This will help to control the flow of biodegradable waste from households.

Municipality will distribute separate sacks to households to collect plastic as part of implementing a project for plastic waste treatment.

Ms. George warned that those found dumping waste in public places will be slapped with a fine.

The meeting observed that the volume of waste in Eloor is relatively less. Mr. Pareed observed that indiscriminate dumping of waste and absence of proper treatment facilities has led to the present crisis.

Hence an ideal location should be identified for a permanent solution. Instructions have also been issued for building the compound walls.

Municipal standing committee chairmen and councillors also attended the meeting.