Biju Govind

Kozhikode CIty Police plan to check abuses against students

Kozhikode: With the reopening of schools, the police have devised new strategies to control the traffic as well as check abuses against pupils in private buses in the city.

Apart from the regular traffic cops on duty, police personnel attached to all police stations in the city have been given instructions to be on traffic duty from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. on all week days.

Policemen in civilian dress will make periodic rounds in the stage carriers to check harassment of school children. Bus operators have been instructed to report about incidents inside the buses.

Kozhikode City Police Commissioner H. Venkatesh said that bus operators had also been advised to take in the students from bus stops.

Normally, complaints arise that the crew of the bus do not allow students to get inside the bus because they travel on concession tickets.

Cases would be charged against bus operators if they violate the rules by refusing to carry the students.

Revamp planned

He said the city police had proposed to revamp the traffic system by starting four new stations exclusively to deal with traffic complaints.

As of now only a station functioned near the police control room office.

The proposed four stations would be linked to the existing two wings - North and South - under the jurisdiction of each Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

Each station would be in control of a Sub-Inspector and two Circle Inspectors. At present there is only a Circle Inspector, 10 Sub-Inspectors and 170 constables.

The proposal is to have 50 head constables in each of the four traffic stations.

Handling offences

Mr. Venkatesh said the proposal had been drawn for the easy handling of traffic offences and streamlining the traffic system in the city.

However, the approval of the State Government was necessary since it involved the creation of new posts and stations.

As part of the Modernisation of Government Programme, the city police have come up with another scheme to educate students and teachers on traffic rules.

Teachers would be associated with the training programme to impart lessons on traffic rules to students. The scheme would be started in July, Mr. Venkatesh said.

Another project in the offing is the setting up of police complaint boxes in various parts of the city.

Modalities of the scheme would be worked out with the Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP) of the South and North wings next week. Plans are to set up around 100 complaint boxes in the city. Each police station out of the 14 police stations coming under the Office of the Commissioner of Police would have a specified number of complaint boxes.

The Koilandy police station has already set up 12 complaint boxes within its jurisdiction in the municipality and adjoining grama panchayats.

The complaint boxes will be checked on alternate days.

Mr. Venkatesh said the general public, including students could also utilise the toll-free helpline of the control room (100), crime stopper (1090) and Women's Cell (1091) and the complaint box posted on the official website, www. to register grievances.