‘New Gen films to age soon and die’

‘Sambar made from the recipe for theeyal’ is what actor Kalpana calls new generation films.

She feels the current trend will die out soon, as it has stuff that people will not relish for long. Ms. Kalpana, who won the national award for the best supporting actor this year, was addressing a meet the press programme organised by the Kollam Press Club on Wednesday.

The new generation films are not family centric, and they do not contain characters like parents or neighbours. Such films will one day became old generation films and the situation for films in that new generation will be frightening. According to the actor, unbecoming trends are gaining popularity both in cinema and in TV serials. The main theme seems to be domestic violence, and the trend is on a rise, she says.

Though everyone enjoys comedy, in Malayalam cinema particularly, actors who do such roles often remain sidelined. Charlie Chaplin became world famous through the comedy roles he performed. But what has Jagathy Sreekumar earned from his roles that have so long entertained people who relish comedy?

Considering the ease with which he had done comedy roles, isn’t he too eligible for a Bharat Award? She wonders. “But when awards are declared, it is often for people like Mohanlal and Mamootty.”.

Kalpana does not find dress code of women to be the prime cause for sexual assaults. Men with a perverted outlook even target infants.

She feels actors need to organise since unity is strength, and action against a member of any organisation for violating rules is only natural. It is the audience who create stars, and form fan clubs that often engage in commendable charity activities. She says in Malayalam filmdom, the leading actors are careful to ensure that the roles they do suit their age and the audience accepts that.

Kalpana is all for Manju Warrier’s return to films, which she feels will be an asset to Malayalam cinema.

Kalpana says the new generation films are not family centric.

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