Namesakes continue to haunt the candidates of major political parties in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections too.

In the Palakkad constituency, where M.P. Veerendrakumar is the UDF candidate, another Veerendrakumar, from Vadakara, filed his nomination papers on Saturday.

UDF election committee chairman A. Ramaswamy, in a statement here on Sunday, alleged that the LDF brought in the namesake in order to defeat the UDF nominee, fearing their defeat. However, there was no namesake candidate against the LDF candidate, M.B. Rajesh, he said.

But in the nearby Alathur constituency, three ‘Bijus’ have filed nominations against the sitting MP, P.K. Biju, of the LDF. They are K. Biju, R. Biju, and A. Biju. — Staff Reporter