To access vehicle, licence details

In a bid to better enforce motor vehicle rules and regulations, the Enforcement wing of the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has procured Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices which can fetch vehicle and driving licence details from the department’s database.

The PDA will come in handy for MVD officers while preparing ‘check reports’ of vehicles as they can avoid the laborious process of verifying registration certificates and other documents. The device, each costing Rs.20,000, had been provided to field-level officers.

Official sources told The Hindu that 15 devices had already been handed over to enforcement personnel in the south zone. The other zones will get the devices subsequently. At present, there were 34 enforcement squads in the State, each headed by a Motor Vehicle Inspector and comprising two Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors. Field-level officers said the device was not user-friendly as it was similar to a mobile handset. It was being introduced without carrying adequate field tests, they said.

A senior MVD official said the device would turn out to be user-friendly on constant use. “Whenever new gadgets are introduced, there is resistance. The technical snags and other issues will be sorted out soon. The PDA will play a major role in enforcement activities in the coming days,” he added.

The government had also given sanction to the MVD to use the PDA to generate fee receipt. While giving sanction to the State Transport Commissioner’s request, the government had asked the MVD to remit the full amount collected from erring motorists through the PDA device as compound fee to the relevant account.

The existing rules governing the manual ‘TR5’ receipts would be applicable to the PDA-generated receipts.

The introduction of the PDA was part of the first-phase automation of the enforcement wing.

  • Each device costs Rs.20,000

  • Devices issued to field-level officials