M.I. Shanawas, MP, said that the mainstream political parties were not ready to give due representation for Muslims.

Mr. Shanawas was inaugurating the State leadership camp of Kerala Muslim Jamaat Council here on Monday. He said that out of the 84 CPI (M) State office-bearers, only a few were Muslims. However they were competing with one another in Uttar Pradesh in explaining what they would do for the Muslims.

‘Key players'

“The picture emerging now in UP shows that the Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) will be the key players there. BJP is nowhere in the picture and this augurs well for the Muslims there,” he said.

Pointing out that the reservation system in the country has kept 60 per cent of Muslims out of it, Mr. Shanawas said the reservation failed to instil progress even for Kerala Muslims. The recent 4.5 per cent reservation for Muslims must be welcomed.

On ‘love jihad'

Referring to ‘love jihad' and related controversies, he said that there were many reports in the media then implicating Muslims.

“There were uproars in the name of ‘love jihad'. Girls of other communities were even reluctant to speak to Muslim boys in colleges in the State because of the false propaganda referring to ‘love jihad',” he recalled.

He said that the Muslim organizations, which were a dime a dozen, were now organizing meetings just to blame the rival organizations. These organizations do not have the time to discuss the general issues affecting the community, he noted.

Kayikkara Shamsudheen, State president of the Council, presided over. A. Pookunju, general secretary, welcomed the gathering. The leadership classes were led by P.Nasir, director, State minority cell.