The importance of respecting other cultures even while maintaining own religious and cultural identity was stressed at a seminar held at Kottakkal on Sunday.

Inaugurating the Colloquium 2012 on ‘Spiritual Islam versus radical Islam’ held as part of the 15th anniversary celebrations of Jamia Nusrathul Islam, Kottakkal, Calicut University Vice-Chancellor M. Abdul Salam called upon Muslim youth to keep away from extremism.

“Islam teaches tolerance and respect for other cultures. The religion never promotes violence, and imbibes multi-cultural aspects of society,” Dr. Salam said, warning against the dangers of radicalism.

Presenting a paper, Ahamed Kutty Sivapuram, a scholar, said that the duty of an average Muslim today was to refrain from resorting to violence and to face challenges with equanimity and peace. Historian Husain Randathani, and scholars Husain Saqafi Chullikkode, A.P. Abdul Hakeem Azhari, and Faisal Ahsani Uliyil led the debate. Faizal Ahsani Randathani and Hamza Anchumukkil, scholars, spoke.