Staff Reporter

KOLLAM: A seminar on ‘Music: technical growth and quality,’ held here on Thursday, was venue to some interesting exchanges. The seminar was organised as part of the five-day National Film Festival of Kerala which began here on Wednesday. Poet O.N.V. Kurup accused new generation musicians of plagiarism. He alleged that most film songs these days are plagiarised from the works of musicians like Devarajan and Babu Raj.

New-generation musician M. Jayachandran wanted Mr. Kurup to be more specific on the allegation. He said that there is nothing wrong in receiving contributions made by great men and propagating them in a tune interpreted differently. Musicians like Devarajan and Babu Raj had created great music based on contributions of the likes of Thyagaraja Swamikal.

“Can that be called plagiarism?” he asked. Musician Dakshinamoorthy said that he believed music would never have a bad time. Musician K.J. Yesudas said that he is still engaged in the task of understanding the depth of music.