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Comprehensive development plan to be drawn up

Proposal for widening road to seven metres

Parallel road to Vallarpadam terminal mooted

KOCHI: Mulavukad panchayat plans to draw up a comprehensive development plan for addressing its infrastructure needs.

The plan will look into various aspects of development of the panchayat which is located adjacent to several mega infrastructure projects. The Vallarpadam International Container terminal project and LNG project are some of the projects that are coming up near the island panchayat.

The Mulavukad panchayat plans to organise a development seminar for giving shape to the development agenda of the island, said Majeed Hussain, chairman of the Welfare Standing Committee of the panchayat.

Though the Goshree Island Development Project has connected the island panchayat to the mainland, the infrastructure development needs of the panchayat has not been addressed. The road-widening project for Mulavukad project is yet to be implemented as the fifth anniversary of the completion of the Goshree bridge projects is nearing. The proposal was for widening the existing road into a seven-metre-wide one.

Several proposals for ensuring the infrastructure and social needs of the residents of the panchayat have come up. These proposals will be discussed at the seminar and a final project report will be drawn up. The panchayat will present the report at the next general council meeting of the Goshree Island Development Authority (GIDA), Mr. Hussain said.

The GIDA had earlier directed the seven island panchayats that come under its project area to prepare reports for development projects. The road-widening project has been proposed to be implemented in two phases. For the first phase of the project, most of the landowners have completed the formalities for handing over the land. The panchayat authorities are taking the lead for completing the formalities and the work of the first phase of the project may begin within six months, he said. Some of the projects that have been suggested for the Mulavukad panchayat include a parallel road for the Vallarpadam Container Terminal road, development of a marine walkway, a drinking water project, construction of a community hall for the Scheduled Caste community members and renovation of the Ponjikara Rafi memorial library building. The shortage of drinking water continues to plague the islanders. It was 11 years ago that piped water connections were last issued in the Island and over 1,000 applicants are waiting for new connections, Mr. Hussain said.

The panchayat hopes to get additional supply of drinking water from the project that the Kochi Corporation plans to implement with the support of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.