M.K. Raghavan, MP, has urged the Central government to open an attestation centre of the Union Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in Kerala in view of the large number Keralites seeking employment in the Gulf countries.

A press release said the MP, while speaking in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, said that more than four million Indians were residing in the Gulf countries, and 60 per cent of them were from Kerala. “At present, they have to get their certificates and other documents attested by the Indian authorities concerned, including the Ministry of External Affairs. The State government, through its agency NoRKA, has opened three authentication centres in Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. But these documents have to be further attested by the MEA in New Delhi, Chennai, or Goa,” he said.

The MP suggested that an attestation centre under the MEA be opened in Kerala for the benefit of those working in the Gulf.