Janakan directed by Sanjeev N.R. tells the story of a father who in a desperate situation avenges the murder of his only daughter. Scripted by S.N.Swami, the movie, devoid of any suspense, attempts to follow leads to establish a conspiracy theory behind the tragic incident.

Viswanathan (Suresh Gopi) lives with his wife Nirmala (Kaveri) and their only daughter. One day Nirmala finds a youngster's photograph in her daughter's bag and questions her. Not convinced with the reply, Nirmala slaps her.

The loving father intervenes and escorts her to the bus stop from where she boards the bus to her hostel. As usual on a Friday, Viswanathan waits for his daughter at the bus stop. But she is not in the bus. On enquiry it is learnt that she has been admitted to a hospital.

He understands from the duty doctor that she had been raped. Later she dies in the hospital. Viswanathan takes up the matter with the Home Minister and the police commissioner but in vain.

A shattered Viswanathan comes to know about the perpetrators of the murder and takes revenge on them, along with his friends Monai (Biju Menon) and Pazhanni (Harisree Asokan). Escaping from the clutches of the police, the three take refuge at advocate Surya Narayanan's residence (Mohanlal). The lawyer recreates the whole incident and saves the three from being sent to the gallows.

Suresh Gopi, though he excels in the revengeful role of a helpless father, is amateurish when it comes to portraying emotional sentiments. Mohanlal is confined to explaining law points and he does it inimitably. Biju Menon and Harisree Asokan are mute spectators. The cast includes Vijayaraghavan, Jyothirmayi, Rajitha Menon, Chalipala, Parvathi, Jinsha and Pratheesh.

Sanjeev Sankar cranks the camera. The late Girish Puthenchery's lyrics are set to music by M.Jayachandran.