After presenting before the world the youngest black belt holder in the form of five-year-old Varsha Vinod, the Alappuzha-based Ko-In-Chi Academy of Martial Arts has added two more feathers to its cap at the international level, both in the same week.

The first recognition came a few days ago in the form of a seventh degree black belt and American Grand Master status from the United States-based World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF) to Varsha's instructor V.Z. Sebastian. The WMAF, run by Danny Lane, a legend in his own right in the martial arts field, had awarded Mr. Sebastian with the fifth degree black belt in 1998.

The academy is in for more recognition with its member, Harikumar Rajappan, being invited by the WMAF to assist Mr. Lane at the New York Tactical and SWAT training expo in New York. He, along with Mr. Lane, was part of a group of instructors who taught police and military personnel tactics and techniques on hostage rescue.