Baffled after spotting three huge gas tankers on Berika beach near Kumbla on Tuesday, two more similar tankers were found on Kottikulam and Mogral-Puthur beaches. The authorities here have found it difficult to establish the identity of the objects.

The gas tankers were washed ashore at Kottikulam and Mogral-Puthur beaches on Tuesday morning as the authorities here made adequate steps to ensure its safety.

Amid apprehension that the debris, including the tankers, refrigerators, and soft drink rackets, could have drifted out of the Merchant Vessel Mol Comfort, sank in Indian Ocean on June 26, the Coast Guard officials were in touch with the ship’s office in Mumbai, District Collector P. S. Muhammed Sagir said here on Wednesday.

Senior officials of the Coast Guard from Kochi and those of the Chemruk Factories and Builders, a public sector rescue team from Kochi, would be here on Thursday to establish the identity of the debris, Mr. Sagir said.

A few more debris suspected to be from the sunken ship was seemingly floating towards Kozhikode beach, he said. By all means, the substances, if any, inside the tankers would not be harmful for the human being and the facts would be known only after the authorities carried out detailed inspection of the drifted debris, he said.

The Collector’s assertion comes amid apprehension by residents that their life were in danger in the light of confusion over the contents inside the huge tankers.

He said arrangements had been made to anchor the tankers.