Union Minister of State for Power K.C. Venugopal will open a monument in honour of Thalakkal Chandu, an archer and the commander- in- chief of the Kurichya soldiers of Pazhassi Raja, on the banks of the Kabani, near the Panamaram fort, at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes P.K. Jayalakshmi will preside over the function.

The Pazhassi rebellion is considered among the important early anti-British uprisings in southern India.

The tribespeople of Wayanad, especially the Kurichya tribe, played a major role in these rebellions.

They fought the British in the jungles of Wayanad from 1800 to 1805.

On October 11, 1802, a group of 175 Kurichya archers, led by Thalakkal Chandu and Edachana Kunkan, captured the British fort at Panamaram.

Commanding officer Capt. Dickinson and Lt. Maxwell were killed in action along with 25 soldiers. The British launched a retaliatory attack and trapped Thalakkal Chandu on November 15, 1805.

He was executed under a Koly tree. Edachana Kunkan was killed by the British army at Panniyil later (now the place is called Pannichal in Edavaka panchayat).

The monument, including a ‘smrithimandopom’ and a museum, has been constructed near the Koly tree at a cost of Rs.12 lakh, allocated by M.I. Shanavaz, MP, from his regional development fund.

The monument has been set up after a struggle launched by the Thalakkal Chandu Smaraka Samiti. The museum will have artefacts such as weapons used by tribal warriors and the traditional agricultural implements of the tribespeople.