Staff Reporter

KOCHI: It was the same stories told all over again, for the second day in a row. Themes and characters that appeared at the mono act competition at school-level returned at the competition for teachers as well.

Competition for Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs) and Pre-Primary Teacher Training Institutes (PPTTIs) had some new subjects. One participant dealt with a novel concept of tragedy created in a family by a television show.

Then there were themes like depiction of Kannaki. Performances based on ragging were repeated by future teachers too.

"Though novelty of subjects gave hopes, most of the performances did not raise above mediocre level of acting. Somehow the notion has set in that mono act is single actor just playing many characters, which is mimicry," said John T. Vekkan, a theatre person who judged the mono acting competitions for school, TTIs and PPTTIs.

One welcome sign, though, is that the participants switched to the practice of using four microphones. But subtlety in acting is yet to be seen in mono acting performances.