Mobile phone has emerged as the preferred gadget of the youth in the city with 65.02 per cent of the ‘post-millennial’ generation possessing it, which is just a shade below the national average of 65.71 per cent.

The mobile ownership in metros, 67.34, is higher than the national average. These facts were revealed in a nation-wide survey conducted by IT major TCS covering 17,478 high school students aged between 12 and 18 in 14 cities, including Kochi, between July and December 2012. Globally post-millennial refers to those born in 1996 and afterwards when the millennial generation (1975-1995) ended.

Mobile phone is way ahead of other gadgets in the city in terms of popularity as well. It was the preferred gadget for 25.96 per cent of the youth as against the national average of 28.08 per cent. In metros 26.46 among the surveyed preferred it. MP3 players came a distant second with 13.45 per cent in the city preferring it as their favourite gadget. But only 9.89 per cent access internet over the mobile phone while it is 18.17 per cent nationally and 26.01 per cent in metros. Online shopping also needs a further push with just 29.07 preferring it as a shopping mode compared to 37.09 nationally and 45.34 in metros.

Smartphone is owned by 58.48 per cent among the surveyed youth in the city compared to 58.50 per cent in metros and 58.93 nationally.

Interestingly, Windows remains a clear leader in terms of the operating systems used by smart devices in the city. While 59.92 per cent of the smart devices operate on Windows, Android lags far behind with 33.43 per cent. Facebook continues to be the overwhelming favourite among the city youth with 86.21 per cent among those surveyed having accounts in the social networking site compared to 30.69 per cent in Twitter. In fact, the city has more registered users in Facebook than anywhere else in the country as the national average of 83.88 and metro average of 83.95 suggests. Facebook or Twitter are the preferred modes of communication with 71.38 in the city preferring it opposed to 53.92 per cent who prefer SMS.

‘City has more Facebook users than anywhere

else in the country on an average.’