The four students who went missing from a city school were traced to Madhya Pradesh the second day since they disappeared. Police said they had received information that the children were in Madhya Pradesh. “They are under protection. The children’s parents and a police team will fly to Madhya Pradesh early on Friday morning,” said a police official.

The four students, including two girls, of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Katari Bagh, were reported missing on Wednesday.

Mobile tower traced

One civil police officer each from the Harbour and Thoppumppady police stations had been sent to Thiruvananthapuram after receiving a lead that the students might have been there based on mobile tower location of the cell phone of one of the students.

One student is known to have withdrawn Rs. 8,000 from an ATM as confirmed by the parent concerned, police said.

Missing since Tuesday

The students, one of them a class X student and the rest doing their plus one, had failed to return home on Tuesday night sparking off a frenetic search by parents and relatives. Police complaints were lodged on Wednesday.

Police said there were conflicting reports about the reasons the students had given for going out of their homes since they had study leave ahead of exams.

While one student had cited special class, another had gone out on the pretext of meeting friends, police said.

Police did not completely rule out the possibility of exam fear as the reason leading to the students’ disappearance.