Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Minister for Electricity A.K. Balan on Monday donned the role of a magician when he pulled out a rolled piece of paper scribbled ‘save energy’ from an empty box with the dexterity of a professional at the Kanakakkunnu palace.

The occasion was the inauguration of ‘Vismayam 2008,’ a week-long international magic festival organised by the Magic Academy, in association with the Department of Tourism.

Before of a bunch of bewildered spectators, the Minister displayed his newly acquired skills under the watchful eyes of magician Gopinath Muthukad.

The brief show, based on the theme ‘save energy, save Kerala’ concluded with a blindfolded motorcycle ride by 10 magicians from the venue to Statue.

Earlier, inaugurating the show Mr. Balan described the ongoing campaign to conserve electricity, launched by the Department through the media by enlisting film stars, a success. “Kerala is the only State in the country without blackouts,” the Minister claimed. “So far we have been able to conserve 200 mega watts of electricity by switching off one bulb during the peak load hour. We could save Rs.90 crore a month by conserving energy,” he said.