Staff Reporter

MALAPPURAM: The entry of foreign universities will help the Indian universities perform better by creating an environment of competition, said historian M.G.S. Narayanan here. Initiating a public debate on the ‘Foreign Universities Bill,' organised by the Confederation of Kerala College Teachers (CKCT), Dr. Narayanan said the opening up of the country's higher education sector would help Indian universities to solve their infirmities.

“Foreign universities will either destroy our ‘duplicate universities' or straighten them,” he said. He called the Indian universities ‘duplicate' as most of them “ceased to serve their original purpose of existence.”

“It is unfortunate that our universities have ceased to generate knowledge owing to excess of politics and political appointments of their managers,” Dr. Narayanan said.

He lashed out at the Left for opposing the entry of foreign universities on the ground of creation of an elitist culture. “At present, only an elite group of students go abroad to join foreign universities.

“But the arrival of foreign universities will open up more opportunities. In fact, it will provide us better access to quality education,” he said.

Zainul Abideen Kavanoor, president of the CKCT, presided over the programme.