KOCHI: The Merchant Navy Officers’ Welfare Association, India, would approach the authorities for payment of adequate compensation to those involved in marine accidents.

This was stated by the president of the Kochi unit, K. P. Sardar, at a press conference here. It will open the Kochi unit on Friday. The general secretary of the All India Port & Dock Workers Federation and Cochin Port Staff Association Working president, P.M. Mohammed Haneef, will inaugurate it.

Mr. Sardar said the association would take up various issues pertaining to operations of marine vessels. He alleged that the rules on resting hours for the staff of merchant navy staff were being overlooked by the operators. Quite often, naval officers were pressured to ignore safety norms during voyage. But in the event of an accident, the blame would be directed against the captain and other officers.

He said the government should ensure that naval training institutes have the required standards. He also demanded that the ports be equipped with waste disposal systems in compliance with accepted norms.