The community mental health programme (CMHP) pioneered by the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (IMHANS) in north Kerala has brought down the number of inpatients at the Government Mental Health Centre (GMHC), Kozhikode, according to an IMHANS study. The number of patients attending the GMHC for follow-up treatment is also decreasing significantly, it said.

In 2001, the total number of inpatients at GMHC was 2,585. But the later years witnessed a gradual fall and the number touched 2,083 in the year 2008. The inpatient admission in 2009 was 1,836.

District-wise figures

There are 17 community mental health clinics under IMHANS in Kozhikode, 48 in Malappuram, 17 in Kasaragod, 13 in Wayanad and 22 in Kannur. In Malappuram, psychiatry services are available at the primary health centre level. As many as 6,881 persons utilised the services under the programme in Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kasaragod and Wayanad districts till December 2009.