Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Government Medical College Teachers’ Association (KGMCTA) is observing April 29 as ‘Protest Day’ across the State, against the government’s decision to allow the extension of service to a few in the Medical Education Service, who were due to retire by month-end, by overlooking all other criteria.

KGMCTA members will march to the office of the Directorate of Medical Education in the Medical College campus here on Tuesday to express their strong protest. KGMCTA said that while it was not against the government extending the service of those doctors, whose retirement would jeopardise the functioning of the entire department, it could not see any merit in giving service extension to a few doctors.

Last week, the government had decided to give extension in service by two years to 10 doctors who were due to retire by month-end. KGMCTA pointed out that there are qualified doctors who are due for promotion in four out of the five departments where the government has chosen to give service extension.

KGMCTA said that it had no objection to the government giving extension to the head of department of Plastic Surgery at Kozhikode MCH or the Infectious Diseases HoD in Thiruvananthapuram MCH as there were none qualified to replace the retiring personnel.