Even after 18 months after the Chief Minister’s assurance of resolving the wage disparity between the non-academic staff of the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) and the Malabar Cancer Centre (MCC), there is an undue delay in executing the promise.

Out of over 200 staff of the centre, 75 per cent belong to the non-academic group comprising nursing, pharmacy, clinical lab, radiotherapy, and ministerial staff. While the academic staff members were being provided with a Central government package, the non-academic staff members, which formed majority, were given only the State government package, that too with many anomalies, said Dinesh Kumar, secretary, staff association.

As there was a dearth of academic staff, including doctors and medical physicists who were reluctant to take up posts in a semi urban setting, the Central government package for them was granted without much hitch while the majority of staff belonging to the non-academic category continued to raise the demands even after years.

A government order for formulation of special rule for the centre was sanctioned in February 2011, and recommendations were made to entrust the work to an agency, which was yet to materialise.

The wage disparity had affected the overqualified staff for certain posts who were assured remuneration on par with the RCC staff during the time of appointment. The State government said that they had no corresponding pay scale equivalent to their qualification and hence they ended up in receiving much lesser wages than they deserved.

The Centre did not have staff quarters for the non-academic staff, except a nurses’ hostel. The shortage of staff was creating greater work load, thus adding to the trouble, said a staff member.