An array of stamps, coins, currencies at Kanpex 2012

They may be too small to spot yet the diamond, the dot or the star, etched on the coins we use as money, hold key to an interesting piece of information.

The marks represent the places where the coins were minted — diamond from Mumbai, dot from Noida, and star from Hyderabad. If the coin has no marks, it came from Kolkata.

For those have not noticed such details, the numismatic expo, Kanpex 2012, will be an interesting place to visit. The All India Philatelic and Numismatic exhibition started from Friday and is being organised by the Cannanore Philatelic Club at Jawaharlal Nehru library auditorium here.

The exhibition has a rather unusual exhibition of coins and currencies dating back to centuries, and an exclusive collection of stamps including the very first postage stamp Penny Black.

The collection also includes coins and currencies that existed in the Kannur and Thalassery regions, coins of other nations in the shapes of various objects, holed coins, and commemorative coins minted on rare occasions including the Rs.150 coin released on the 150th birth of Rabindranath Tagore.

An attractive display at the expo is the counting machine of yester years, a plank with holes on which tiny coins were spread for easy counting. Large images of Gandhi spinning a charka made out of coins, and a Gandhi- Nehru portrait made out of stamps of their faces are some other attractions at the expo.

As many as 3,587 ten paise coins, forming the picture of Gateway of India, Mahatma Gandhi stamps released by various countries, World Wide Fund for Nature stamps featuring a cross section of animals, birds and aquatic beings, those displaying buildings and structures, and autographed covers of famous personalities are also showcased.

The expo also includes sale of particular items including coins, currencies, stamps and reference finger rings at the venue. It will be on till November 18.