Says investigation should include source of foreign funds flowing into State

Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take urgent steps for a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) into the conspiracy angle of the Marad killings and the source of foreign funds flowing into the State.

In a letter to the Prime Minister released for publication here on Friday, Mr. Achuthanandan said a CBI investigation into the Marad conspiracy was imperative, given the findings of the ongoing CBI probe into the activities of the lottery mafia and the conclusions of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) about the flow of fake notes into the country. The findings of the two agencies showed that a deep-rooted conspiracy was on to subvert the nation’s financial stability and security, he said.

Mr. Achuthanandan recalled that in his letter to the Union Home Minister on November 29, 2010, seeking a CBI probe into the lottery mafia, he had in his capacity as Chief Minister pointed to the possibility of the prize money of the ‘other State lotteries’ having been utilised for money laundering and as a conduit for terrorist funding.


“The ongoing CBI investigation into the lottery racket has confirmed that my apprehensions in this regard were well-founded, although the actual magnitude of the racket is yet to be unearthed and the actual players pinpointed,” he said.

Mr. Achuthanandan also drew the Prime Minister’s attention to the Thomas P. Joseph Commission’s findings on the Marad killings.

Panel findings

The Commission had found that the investigation by the State Crime Branch CID “had failed to unravel the larger conspiracy”, the source of the large cache of arms and ammunition subsequently unearthed in the area, and the sizeable funds used in the planning and execution of the murders. The Commission had sought a detailed inquiry involving the Intelligence Bureau, CBI and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) into the ‘larger conspiracy’ involving fundamentalist and other forces, which the State CBCID had ‘failed or refused’ to investigate. “The same international conspirators are allegedly involved in dubious land deals in Kerala involving black and hawala money, wherein bulk land is accumulated as ‘land banks’ bypassing the prevailing land-ceiling laws in the State. The use of counterfeit currency in such deals is quite common. Certain businessmen, who have track records of involvement in criminal activities abroad, are closely involved in these rackets and are certainly a part of the real estate mafia thriving in the State,” Mr. Achuthanandan said.

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