ITFOK discusses challenges faced by contemporary theatre

The speakers at the face-to-face programme organised in connection with the International Theatre Festival of Kerala here on Sunday alleged that Malayalam theatre was neglected at the festival.

The session discussed the challenges and problems faced by contemporary theatre.

Plays ‘Gajab Kahani’ directed by Mohit Takalkar, ‘This is my Body Come into My Mind’ by Alexandra Felseghi, ‘Andhata’ by S. Sunil and ‘After the Silence’ by Martic John C were discussed.

‘Gajab Kahani’ was based on Portuguese writer and Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago’s The Elephant Journey . Director Mohit Takalkar used Marathi and gibberish to narrate a tale rich in irony and empathy. ‘Andhata’, a dramatisation of Saramago’s Blindness , narrated the story of the city caught in the clutches of a strange epidemic of blindness.

A seminar on ‘Issues and Complexities of Current Approaches on Curating Art/Theatre festival’ was held on Sunday.

Theatre person Shibu S. Kottaram, who addressed the seminar, said that curator should act as a middleman between actor and the audience.

Eminent theatre person Thripurari Sharma said that there should be serious efforts to take theatre to the common man.