Water to be released for second crop of paddy

Water will be released from the Malampuzha dam, the biggest irrigation reservoir in the State, for the second crop of paddy in the district from Saturday.

The decision to release the water was taken at a meeting of the Canal Advisory Committee, presided over by Additional District Magistrate K.V. Vasudevan, here on Friday.

The Executive Engineer of Malampuzha Irrigation Project, C.A. Jamaludeen, told The Hindu here on Friday “that water could be released from Malampuzha only for 56 days, as the reservoir water level is only 112.21 meters as against the 114 meters during this period last year”.

There was 214 Mm3 water in the dam as against 160 Mm3 in the same period last year, he said. So, the water would be released only up to January 25. Farmers, however, had sought the release of water till March 2013 so that they could cultivate paddy for a longer time for greater yield.

Mr. Jamaludeen said water would be released from Malampuzha for 15 days continuously. There would be a break of a couple of days, after which it would again be released for 15 days. If it rained in between, the reservoir would be closed. With such regulations in place, water could be provided for 80 per cent of the second crop of paddy cultivation, he said.

Less water

Some of the advisory committee members alleged that Malampuzha reservoir had less water this time, as Tamil Nadu had diverted water from the reservoir’s catchment areas in Western Ghats, bordering Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

They demanded stern action against Tamil Nadu and pointed out that even on earlier occasions, such diversions by Tamil Nadu were detected from Attumala Hills of Western Ghats.

The advisory committee meeting also urged the officials to implement a scientific water management system so that more number of farmers could be provided with irrigation water for the second crop of paddy.

The officials told the meeting that water was less in the two other major irrigation dams of the district. The Mangalam Dam had water only to release for 68 days and Pothundy, for 56 days.

  • Water to be released for second crop of paddy

  • Decision taken at a meeting of the Canal Advisory Committee on Friday