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Milk producers in the area get highest price from Milma

Daily procurement by Milma is 4.2 lakh litres

Surplus milk being given to other regions

KOZHIKOD: The north Kerala region is now self-sufficient in milk and the milk producers in the region also get the highest price for the milk supplied by them to Milma.

This was stated here on Tuesday by P.P. Gopinatha Pillai, Chairman, and Dr. Jayachandran, Managing Director of Malabar Regional Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd.

Milma has been performing well in north Kerala. Its daily milk procurement has gone up to 4.2 lakh litres, which is 19 per cent more than that in last year; and the quantity of milk it sells has touched 3.4 lakh litres, an increase of 12 per cent compared to last year.

The union has been able to procure and sell enough milk to make the Malabar region achieve self-sufficiency in milk. The surplus milk was being given to other regions, Mr. Gopinatha Pillai said speaking about Milma’s performance in north Kerala.

The Malabsar Regional Co-operative Milk Producers Union is now making arrangements to celebrate its 20th anniversary on October 4 and 5. Milma’s renovated dairy at Neduvattom would also be inaugurated. Ministers from the Centre and State have been invited to participate in the programmes.

Domestic requirements

Though the State is in deficit in production of most essential commodities, it produces 74 per cent of its domestic requirements of milk. Yet, a ‘milk crisis’ was staring the State in the face. The poor quality of milk brought from outside the State and the decline in cattle population were matters of grave concern, Mr. Gopinatha Pilai said.

He, however, pointed out that as much as 82 per cent of sales turnover was being given to milk producers by the Malabar Regional Co-operative Milk Producers Union. This was among the highest price for milk paid to milk producers. Besides, milk farmers were also being helped with subsidised cattle feed, he added.