Power cuts are back though the people do not sound so perturbed except the students and working women who believe that even half a minute is precious time if there is power cut in the morning.

“I do my daily ironing also in the morning besides the use of grinder in the kitchen”, said Rathi Menokki, working with a bank.

She has to leave the house between 8.45 a.m. and 9 a.m every day.

The evening power cut is okay, she added. “Sometime I would be back only after the power cut is over,” she quipped.

Preethi Nair, a final year undergraduate student, said that it depends on the attitude of the student whether the power cut would affect them.

Exam times are stressful and a break of more than five minutes makes students anxious.

It is fine for those who have inverters as the continuity of studies can be maintained.

However, a postgraduate engineering student believed that students can always take a break during the power cut.

There are some who perhaps look to power cuts in the evening as sharing quality time with family.

The power cut schedule will bring the family together for at least half-an-hour, said Pankaj Soman, working in a private company.

“I do not have an inverter at home, nor do I want to buy one, if the power cut is only for half-an-hour”, he said. Usually every body is busy in their own world and perhaps the power cut will bring people together for some time, he added.

Once this time is used positively by sharing and listening to what each other have to say, there will be better interaction between real people, said Shibu George working in a computer concern and staying in a flat.

Half-an-hour is not much of a time and it would be over in no time if people start talking to each other, he said. There is little interaction between people living on the same floor in a flat.

Talking to real people has become a rare activity as most of the younger generation indulge mostly in online chatting and avoid direct contact with people.

Unnikrishnan R., working with a public sector unit, was of the view that at least people would get a break from television for half-an-hour.