Says it will benefit people in the Malabar region

Malabar Cancer Centre Action Forum, formed by Solidarity, Jamaat-i-Islami Hind’s youth wing, will launch an agitation seeking government action to utilise facilities available at the Malabar Cancer Centre at Kanniparamba to supplement the treatment facilities at the Government Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode.

Muslim Educational Society (MES) president and Forum for Malabar Rights vice-president Fazal Gafoor will inaugurate the agitation on December 18 to put pressure on the government to make the Malabar Cancer Centre a reality, forum joint convener Muzzamil T.P.; convener N.K. Naushad; and Solidarity district unit secretary M. Abdul Khayyum told mediapersons here on Thursday.

The agitation was necessitated by the delay in starting cancer treatment at the Malabar Cancer Institute and Research Centre, taken over by the government nearly two years ago, they said.

The institute, if made operational, would be of immense help to a large number of cancer patients who were unable to get timely treatment at the overcrowded medical college, forum office-bearer said.

The cancer centre, over six acres of land, and a modern building, was handed over to the government on December 18, 2010 by its managing trustee Hafzath Khaderkutty, a medical doctor settled in London, they said.

But the government had not been able to put the facility to proper use.

There was an urgent need to start cancer treatment there as many patients had to seek treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvanathapuram and other distant places due to lack of facilities at the medical college here, they said.

The authorities had promisied the setting up of facilities for radiation treatment. But a 12-bed palliative care unit functioning there had stopped functioning, the spokesmen said.

  • Forum to launch agitation on Tuesday

  • Government took over institute

    in 2010