A two-day magazine exhibition, ‘Strands of time,’ at Sree Narayana College here, offered a glimpse of the evolution of script and printing in general and Malayalam in particular. The event, organised by Fiddles, a forum for interdisciplinary studies of the Department of English of the college, also portrayed the cultural evolution of the State, especially Malabar, through photographs. The exhibition concluded on Wednesday. The expo featured the gradual progress from pictorial writing to script on stones and clay tablets, palm leaf manuscripts, papyrus, and printed letters before moving to the latest printing technology.

The history of printing, compiled by Devadas Madayi, a school teacher, was a major attraction. His rare collections included discourses of Martin Luther, a Christian reformer, published in 1569, South Canara Manual published in 1895, and Kittel dictionary in Kannada, brought out in 1893. Old photographs of Payyambalam, Chirakkal, Odathil mosque, and BEMP School at Thalassery, aroused interest among viewers. The expo, aimed at making reading appealing to the youth, had on display nearly 400 magazines in English and Malayalam from the earlier days to the present covering topics such as travel and tourism, photography, culture, religion, music, food, architecture and interior design, automotives, sports, career and English Language Teaching.

Magazines of the National Cadet Corps and children’s magazines also found a place in the expo.