Staff Reporter

Thrissur: ‘Madhubani’ literally means ‘forests of honey’.

It is the name of a town in Bihar, home to an art that invokes the spirit of village life. Madhubani paintings, traditionally done by women of villages in the Mithila region, are done on freshly-plastered mud walls of huts, cloth, hand-made paper and canvas.

An exhibition-cum-workshop on Madhubani paintings will be held at the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi here from July 17 to 26.

Madhubani paintings mostly depict Nature and Hindu religious motifs.

Hindu deities such as Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are commonly seen on the canvases. They also contain scenes from royal courts and social events. Madhubani artists traditionally use vegetable dyes.