Evergreen Mission Community Development Services has recommended a low cost portable bio-waste management method.

Varghese John, secretary of the initiative, said here on Monday that the system is eco-friendly, easy to implement and maintenance-free.

He said that three bins will be used to process the kitchen waste generated in homes. Odo Mask bio-culture developed by the mission is sprayed on the waste for fast and odourless decomposition. This process should be done on a daily basis. A mixture of cow dung, curd, black top soil, jaggery, yeast, saw dust or coir pith should also be sprayed on the waste. Waste should be deposited in this bin for one month.

Mr. John said that this process should be repeated in the next two bins for the next two months. After 90 days, the waste in the first bin would turn into quality manure that could be used for agricultural purposes. Mr. John said that the cost for this system ranges between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 4,000.