The poet Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri’s write-up, “The lost innocence” on the Capital Focus page of The Hindu , September 25 is thought-provoking. As one who has seen the decay of the once-enchanting city, it is distressing to me that the city has lost its charm over the years because of various factors. It has become a dumping yard of waste and a foul smell pervades the city. Traffic snarls are irritating and accidents are on the rise, thanks to the mushrooming of vehicles. The infrastructure has not grown enough to meet the challenges. Though modernisation and globalisation are unavoidable, there is no proper planning and the haphazard growth is damaging the entire system. It is time the people woke up to the realities and did something so that the city regained its past glory. For this, of course, the political masters have also a role to play.

G. Ramachandran


Matter of pride

Kazhakuttam has historical significance ( The silicon shift on the Capital Focus page of The Hindu , September 18). The place holds a mirror to the glory of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom and finds a mention in one of the earliest Malayalam novels, Marthandavarma , by C.V. Raman Pillai. It is a matter of pride that Technopark has transformed the socio-economic contours of Kazhakuttam. The IT complex serves as a springboard for aspiring techies to fly to foreign climes in search of professional excellence.

N. Sadasivan Pillai