The fusion music event ‘Swara Raaga' stole the show on the second day of ‘Ragam 2012,' the annual cultural fest of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NIT-C), on its campus at Chathamangalam in the district on Thursday. The four-day event was opened by filmmaker Renjith on the NIT-C campus on Wednesday.

The fest showcased a host of events including dumb charades, poem recitation, tableau, sketching, light music and ‘Spelling Bee'. Fun events such as ‘Zorbing' and ‘Slip Soccer' were good crowd-pullers. In ‘Zorbing,' two participants are allowed to roll down a slope in a plastic ball while ‘Slip Soccer' is soccer played out on a soapy layer of water.

Training courses for the day included self-defence workshop for girls and a rifle shooting workshop, ‘smoking barrel,' meant for both men and women. Artistic events such as ‘Jam Sketching' and cartooning had a large number of participants.

Fashion too

There was also a concert by Suraj Jagan, M. Ranjith, and Ranina Reddy. The day's events ended with ‘Couture Boulevard,' which showcased the latest trends in fashion in various colleges.

Mimicry, JAM (Just a Minute), and music events such as ‘String Solo' and ‘Acoustics' will be some of the attractions on the third day. There will also be a music show by noted Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh, according to the organisers.

A stunt-show by Bajaj's Stunt Mania group will be another major draw of the third day. Details of the festival is on