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KOCHI: How changes in eating habits can result in hormonal changes in girls and how it results in increased polycystic ovary condition is what gynaecologists are making a study about. With many girls coming in for treatment for irregular menstrual cycle, the Cochin Obstetric and Gynaecological Society has decided to bring in more awareness about why many adolescent girls are growing into adults with problems of infertility after marriage.

Fast food as part of a daily diet is one of the most common causes that results in girls having problems with their menstrual cycle, said Gracy Thomas, secretary of the society. About 20-30 per cent of girls coming in for treatment are found to be having polycystic ovarian disease (POCD) that is being linked largely to the food habits and general physical health of the person.

Ovulation (producing an ovum ) is irregular in a polycystic ovary and this result in irregular menstrual cycle which is sometimes gets delayed by two-three months, said Dr. Thomas. Obesity is yet another reason that could result in girls developing POCD.

It would be better if girls with irregular periods get their treatment before they enter into matrimony, said Dr. Thomas. The parents of adolescent girls can contact the secretary of the society at 9847193596 for more details of POCD Club that would be launched along with a seminar on awareness regarding the disease on May 8.