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Need for new overbridge

The railway overbridge near Kozhikode railway station is in a state of disrepair.

The footpath slabs are uneven and protruding, the hand rails on both the sides are in a shambles, and the pipeline always leaks.

The entire scene presents

a shabby look to this busy area. The bad state of the rail overbridge is due to the inordinate delay in the electrification process

of the Kozhikode– Kannur rail stretch.

Three years ago, in order to lay the electrical overhead line, the Railway lowered

the railway track by about

2.5 feet.

This proved futile.

Later, in a highly complicated move, they explored possibilities of raising the height of the bridge by a feet and entrusted IIT Chennai to give a feasibility

report on this.

The delay in taking a decision about the bridge is affecting the electrification process in and around Calicut section.

The move to raise the

height of the bridge is an

impractical move in

many ways.

The Railway authorities should quickly de-commission the existing rail overbridge and construct a new state-of-the-art overbridge to meet the requirements of the electrification process.

The new bridge should be designed in an ‘L’ shaped manner, having direct access to Oyitty Road from

the Railway station road, thereby avoiding the bottleneck which has become a nightmare for motorists.

This new rail overbridge would give the city a face

lift and the Kozhikode railway station, a second entrance. Would the railway authorities explore the possibility of constructing a new rail overbridge at the earliest?

Sudheer Sekhar Palakandy


Ensure amenities

at bus-stand

The decision by the KSRTC to renovate its Palakkad bus-stand is welcome. However, its plan to shift operations temporarily to the stadium and municipal bus-stands within a few weeks could create more problems if

basic infrastructure is not ensured. The stadium

bus-stand lacks basic amenities such as urinals, cloak rooms, etc.

The Palakkad Municipality has auctioned the services

of maintenance of toilets

to private parties at a cost. 

Though the users pay a fee, the urinals are not

clean and are unhygienic.

The municipality

seldom inspects the

services though it generates

revenue out of it.

The stadium bus-stand is crowded with line buses that openly flout parking rules. Often, commuters are unable to read the destination board as the buses are parked in the reverse direction.

The Municipality can seek the support of the Traffic Police to rein in

conductors and drivers

who flout the law. 

After 8 p.m., the stadium stand is a haven for

anti-social elements.

The Palakkad Municipality should make arrangements for basic infrastructure

and passenger amenities before the KSRTC begins its operations from the

Stadium stand as it would take at least 3 years to complete the renovation work.

Madhu M.B.


Fair auto fare

It is said action will be initiated from September 1 against auto-rickshaw drivers who have not yet fixed meters for record of distances travelled by the commuters. But the charges that commuters have to pay

still remain unclear.

Many a time, the drivers charge extra from the commuters and indulge in

an argument with them.

It is high time we considered the introduction of GPS-enabled metres to ensure clear fare reading and avoid confusions.

K.K. Kunhikannan,