Yet another spotted resident has joined the ranks of big cats in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, with the birth of a leopard on January 9. Zoo authorities have said that the cub was born to 17-year-old Ashwini and 7-year-old Ramu. The newborn has been described as healthy, following a birth sans complications. They have not yet ascertained the sex of the cub as none has been able to closely inspect the animal yet.

It is rare for a leopard of that age to birth a cub, officials said, especially as Ashwini did have a few health issues over the past year. Even so, she has not displayed any signs of ailment after delivery. The birth of the cub brings the total count of leopards to seven. As the mother tends to get violent when visitors are present, only the regular zoo-keeper will be permitted to enter the enclosure and feed them. The cub will be let out to the nursery after three months.