Maths usually has a solid army of detractors at schools. Many students learn it purely out of compulsion. But at a CBSE school in Vadakara, nearly 150 students from north India have opted to learn Vedic maths in addition to regular maths.

“Teaching Vedic maths to these north Indian students is exciting. They seem to grasp the topic effortlessly,” says M. Sudheesh, a teacher who coordinates the training programme at Rani Public School, Vadakara. “There are over 250 non-Keralite students in various classes and we offer the course for interested students from Classes 5 to 8,” he adds.

In Vedic maths, prominence is given to the theories of Indian mathematicians. Their pioneering approach towards big mathematical problems is explained in a simple format. G.S. Prabha, a maths teacher, who is still an admirer of the conventional teaching method, says the best thing about Vedic maths is that it redefines every complicated theory for the new learner.