The Congress leader V.M. Sudheeran has said that the electoral victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) should be a lesson for all mainstream political parties. There is nothing novel about the style of functioning of the AAP. It was the operational system of most political parties in the past.

“But the AAP got the opportunity to successfully enter the political arena when the administrators of Delhi began to ignore the problems of the common man,” said Mr. Sudheeran while addressing a meeting to commemorate the 6th death anniversary of the Congress leader Kadappal Sasi here on Thursday.

Mr. Sudheeran said that most mainstream political parties were turning a deaf ear to the problems of the common man. The Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi was now trying to correct this mistake. The main agenda of the political parties should be to identify the problems of the people and find solutions.

The price rise factor was making life miserable for the people. Mr. Sudheeran wanted the Central government to take back the right to determine the fuel price. The reasons shown by the oil companies to justify the frequent fuel price hike were not at all convincing, he said.

More than the arithmetic and figures of the oil companies, the government should give importance to the feelings of the people, he said. Insisting on Aadhaar card link for subsidy on LPG is an injustice, he said. Along with implementing major projects, those in power should also find solutions to the problems of the common man, he said.